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Atoka PHA

Atoka WMA, photo by Kelly Adams


Game Warden (County):

Area Acres
12,897 ac.

Atoka PHA covers 12,897 acres in Atoka County and is located 12 miles north of Atoka on Hwy 69.  It is part of the Atoka WMA which includes an additional 6,537 acres. The terrain within the PHA ranges from steep to moderately steep. Vegetation consists mainly of oak-hickory association with scattered openings. The average precipitation of the area is about 52 inches annually.

Watch Bluestem Lake at Atoka WMA on YouTube.


From Atoka: 10 miles north on U.S. Hwy 69, across from the Mack Alford Correctional Center, 6 miles east on Wesley Rd (through Atoka WMA).

From Stringtown: 9 miles east on State Hwy 43. At the intersections of Hwy 69 and 43 at Stringtown go east 9 miles to PHA entrance sign and north into area.

  • Quail: Bobwhite quail are present in fair numbers.
  • Deer: White-tailed deer exist in good numbers but are highly sought after.
  • Turkey: Eastern wild turkey are present in good numbers but are highly sought after. 
  • Rabbit: Cottontails are present but not abundant.
  • Furbearers: Coyote, bobcat, and raccoon are available.
  • Dove: Very limited numbers occur during the annual migration.
  • Waterfowl: A few wood ducks and mallards can be found on area ponds.
  • Squirrel: Fox and gray squirrels are present.
  • Bald Eagle: Eagles winter on nearby Atoka and McGee Creek lakes.
  • Owls: Numerous species exist. The Screech owl is the most abundant.
  • Nongame Birds: Numerous bird species exist, providing birders with ample watching opportunities.
  • Bachman’s Sparrow: Present on the PHA

Approximately 30 acres of wildlife habitat plots are maintained and planted annually. Habitat is also manipulated annually by prescribed fire with three year rotational patterns of 4300 acres. 

One designated primitive camping area is offered on the area. Additional camping and cabin rental can be obtained through the McGee Creek State Park (580) 889-5822 while both lodging and restaurants are available in Atoka and McAlester. The Atoka City Hall can be reached at (580) 889-3341.  

Fishing opportunity is limited to small ponds on the area.

Closed Seasons
Turkey Fall Gun, Holiday Antlerless Deer Gun
Same As Statewide Seasons
Deer Archery, Bear Archery, Youth Deer Gun, Deer Muzzleloader, Bear Muzzleloader, Dove, Rail, Gallinule, Crow, Turkey Fall Archery, Predator/Furbearer Calling, Trapping
Seasons w/ Special Restrictions
  • Deer Gun

Open the first nine days only.

  • Quail, Snipe, Woodcock, Waterfowl, Rabbit, Squirrel, Pursuit with Hounds for Furbearers

Closed during the first nine days of deer gun season.

  • Turkey Spring, Youth Turkey Spring

One-tom limit; seasons combined.

Additional Restrictions:

Closed to all nonhunting activities, except hunter camping, from Oct. 1 - Jan. 31 and during spring turkey season.

Hunter and angler camping is allowed in designated areas.

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