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Skylar St. Yves

Photo of Skylar St. Yves
Aquatic Education/R3 Fishing Coordinator

Gone fishing. No seriously he's probably gone fishing. If he's not fishing, you'll find him producing content frequently for ODWC's Outdoor Education Facebook page, Outdoor Oklahoma Journal, Ask an Angler Virtual Fishing Courses Series and Fishing Resources webpage. 

"Born in the foothills of the Cascades along the shores of Puget Sound, the outdoor spirit courses through my veins like the freestone rivers that bring life to the West. I knew from an early age that my purpose in life would be to protect those vibrant waters and the lands they dissect. Through my travels as an avid angler, hunter and conservation professional, I have witnessed first hand the peace, prosperity and promise America's wild lands have to offer. It is my mission to share these experiences as well as educate future generations to ensure the preservation and evolution of our hunting and fishing heritage." 



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