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Harvest Two More Deer During Holiday Antlerless Deer Season

Michael Bergin
Friday, December 10, 2021

Hunters participating in the holiday antlerless deer gun season Dec. 18-31, 2021 can harvest up to two antlerless deer that don't count toward their regular combined season limit. Buy up to two holiday antlerless deer gun season licenses, and be ready!

Buy Up to Two Holiday Antlerless Licenses

(Scroll for map of open antlerless zones. Holders of lifetime hunting, lifetime combination, senior citizen hunting, senior citizen combination or lifetime disabled veteran combination licenses are exempt from the purchase of annual deer licenses.)

Resources for Antlerless Deer Hunters

We've said it before and we'll say it again. Hunters in the know, take a doe! Besides a freezer full of delicious and healthy game meat, there's a lot of good reasons to harvest a doe during the holiday antlerless season. For one, doe harvest plays a critical role in improving the overall health of the state's deer herd and buck quality. But also, the limit for the 14-day holiday antlerless deer gun season is two does. Plus, deer harvested during the holiday antlerless deer gun season do not count toward your combined season limit of six deer. That means no matter how many deer you may have already harvested this year, the holiday antlerless deer season is for you!

Hunters In The Know Take A Doe - Antlerless Harvest Info 2020/2021 Oklahoma Antlerless Zone Map - Graphic Oklahoma Deer Holiday Antlerless Hunting Opportunities 

Also, check out these WMAs with open hunting opportunities during the holiday antlerless deer gun season (some with restrictions).

After the Harvest

While the anticipation of adventure is a big part of the build-up and preparation for a hunt, what happens after harvesting an animal is just as thrilling, but in a different way. Stacking pound upon pound of high quality venison in the freezer ensures the adventure is relived for months to come. A 120-pound, field-dressed deer can provide 168 servings of healthy protein for your family (or hungry families across Oklahoma). But first things first, you'll need to take care of tagging, checking and field dressing your animal. Upon harvesting a deer, hunters must immediately attach a "field tag" securely to the carcass that includes their name, customer ID or lifetime license number, and date and time of harvest. This field tag can be any item - so long as it displays the required information. Next, it's time to field dress and prepare the deer for processing, either at a commercial facility or at home. Check out this Beginners Guide to Butchering Deer series from our partners at Bowhunting 360 for great how-to videos on field-dressing and home-processing your deer. And finally, help prevent the spread of chronic wasting disease with these carcass disposal tips.


Oklahoma Big Game Processor List Oklahoma Hunters Against Hunter - Big Game Donation Wild Game Recipes Image


More on the benefits of antlerless harvest from Dallas Barber, big game biologist for the Wildlife Department.

*While this clip was filmed prior to the regular 2021 deer gun season and thus reverences the Nov. 20 opener, the discussion covers the benefits of antlerless deer harvest.


Buy Up to Two Holiday Antlerless Licenses

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