November 17, 2016

Hunters are being asked to donate deer jaws to the Wildlife Department for research at several deer processors across the state. Also, hunters can submit photos of their deer jaw and learn the animal's age free through the "Age My Deer" online program.

WE NEED JAWS: The Wildlife Department has asked students from several universities to help collect deer jaws. They will be stationed at deer processors across the state this weekend to pull jaws for research by the Wildlife Department. Please consider donating a jaw, and please have your E-Check confirmation number ready so the students can work quickly. Thank you.


E-CHECK: All hunters who take a deer this season must register the harvest online using the Wildlife Department's E-Check system at It's quick and convenient, and it's the law. Hunters who take a deer, elk or turkey must ensure their harvest is registered with E-Check within 24 hours of leaving the hunting area, and in all cases prior to processing the carcass. Find the E-Check system at, or download the "OK Hunt Fish Guide" mobile app for Apple or Android before going hunting and report via the app right in the field!


AGE YOUR DEER: Hunters can send photos of their deer jaws to the Wildlife Department and learn whether their deer was old or young. Wildlife Department biologists will examine the photos of the teeth to determine the age of the animal, which will be reported back to the hunter. The data on aging helps biologists keep track of the age structure of buck and doe populations, which in turn helps determine deer season regulations. Go to "Age My Deer" on the Department's website. Hunters can go to and follow the instructions for removing the deer jaw and submitting images. An instructional video about removing deer jaws is also available on the "Outdoor Oklahoma" Youtube channel at

FIGHT HUNGER: Remember, hunters, if you find yourself with enough venison for your family and end up with extra deer, please consider donating the meat to the Hunters Against Hunger program. Hunters simply need to take their donated deer, with proper carcass tag and E-Check number, to a participating deer processor. To help with processing costs, hunters are asked to contribute $10, which is tax-deductible. The Oklahoma Station Chapter Safari Club International is a primary donor to the Hunters Against Hunger program.