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Ordering Outdoor Oklahoma Magazine

Subscriptions: $10 for one year, $18 for two years, and $25 for three years.
Credit card orders: Go online or in-person at Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation headquarters, 1801 N. Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City, or at select Department offices statewide.  A handling fee of $3 is added to online and in-person orders.
Bill-Me-Later, Cast or Check Orders: Call toll-free (800) 777-0019.

Production and distribution expenses not covered by subscription costs are borne by the sportsmen and sportswomen of Oklahoma through hunting and fishing license fees.

Please note that Outdoor Oklahoma cannot provide refunds for any reason. However, subscribers may still cancel the remaining issues or donate the remainder of their subscription to someone they choose, a school, or a library.

Magazine Staff

Nels Rodefeld - Editor
Micah Holmes - Managing Editor
Kelly Adams - Managing Editor
Don P. Brown - Associate Editor

Contributing Communication/Education Division Staff:
Jennifer Benge, Colin Berg, Michael Bergin, Kelly Boyer, Todd Craighead, Jena Donnell, Shawn Gee, Daniel Griffith, Darrin Hill, Whitney Jenkins, Kasie Joyner, Lance Meek, Blake Podhajsky, Jason Smith, Smokey Solis, Sarah Southerland, Damon Springer, Skylar St. Yves.

Field Reporters:
Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation law enforcement, wildlife, and fisheries division employees.

Editorial Offices:
Outdoor Oklahoma Magazine
P.O. Box 53465, 
Oklahoma City, OK 73152 
Phone: (405) 521-4632

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