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Spring’s surge of flying insects leads to another addition to Oklahoma’s night sky – bats! These flying mammals play such an important role in our environment (especially in terms of insect control) that April 17 has been declared “International Bat Appreciation Day.” We have five ways to celebrate our state's incredible bats. 

Get to Know Oklahoma's Species

Bats of Oklahoma Field Guide Cover


Download the “Bats of Oklahoma Field Guide” to learn more about Oklahoma’s 20-plus species. The guide not only provides information about the flight time and flying behavior of each species but also offers a cool fact for every bat. For example, did you know the tri-colored bat is occasionally covered with water droplets while in hibernation, making the individual sparkle like diamonds? 

Tour Alabaster Caverns State Park

Walkway in the Alabaster Caverns cave.


Thousands of bats overwinter in Alabaster Caverns, the largest gypsum cavern open to the public. Visit Alabaster Caverns State Park, located near Freedom, to take the ¾-mile guided walk to learn about an important bat habitat – caves. Tour information can be found at

Plant Your Garden with Bats in Mind



Incorporate evening-blooming flowers like four o’clocks, evening primrose, and moon flower into your garden design. These blooms could attract nighttime insects, and in turn, foraging bats to your backyard. Planting your garden near a water source or installing a water garden near these planted flowers will increase your chances of benefiting bats.

Help Wildlife with an Escape Ramp

Bat escape ramp. Photo from NRCS


Livestock water tanks are a necessity for many farmers and ranchers, and can also attract insects and other wildlife. Installing an escape ramp is one way to help animals, including bats, climb out of the tank if they get trapped in the water. We share tips in another Outdoor Oklahoma Journal post.

Build a Bat House

Watch How to Build a Bat House on YouTube.


When correctly placed, these houses can provide additional habitat for at least seven species of bats. Check out our how-to video for construction and placement tips.


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