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Problem Guests or Pesky Pests?

On occasion, some animals behave more like pests than welcomed visitors, which means adapting your behavior to theirs – outsmarting or excluding them when they create a nuisance you can’t live with.

Creating a Wildscape Plan

Design a plan that is compatible with the needs of the wildlife you hope to attract as well as of your home and property.

Attracting Hummingbirds

Tips for attracting hummingbirds using artificial feeders and hummingbird gardens.

Establishing a Successful Wildscape

Attracting wildlife to your yard can be as simple as providing four basic habitat components in your wildscape: food, water, cover, and space.

Establishing Wildscape Water Sources

Water is a necessity for wildlife and is simple to provide. We offer four ideas for establishing water sources to your wildscape.

Attracting Amphibians and Reptiles to Your Wildscape

We share tips for managing amphibians and reptiles in a variety of settings.

Birdbath Tips

Water is an important part of any wildscaping plan.

DIYildlife: Start Planning Fall Wildscape Updates

Whether your wildlife-friendly yard is just getting started or has been welcoming wildlife for years, take stock of your wildscape goals and plan any updates this fall.

Take Your Backyard to the Next Pollinator Level with Host Plants

Adding colorful backyard flowering plants, especially host plants, has been a popular way for Oklahomans to help our state’s butterfly community.

Lopping Redcedars for Wildlife Habitat

Lopping young redcedars below the lowest growing branch is one way to rid your wildscape of a native but encroaching tree.