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Which Species was observed.  Provide the common or scientific name.

How many adults were observed?

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How far was the observer from the species?

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Were any bands or tags observed?

Please describe the physical features of the observed species.

Describe the activity of the species observed (ex. perched, running, flying, sunning, etc.)

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When/Where was the Sighting?

When was the Sighting?  Provice an approximate time of the sighting.

In which county was the bird observed?

Please provide as much detail on the location the species was observed.
  • Provide the estimated distance and direction to the nearest town.
  • Describe the habitat at the location of the sighting and in the area surrounding that location.
  • If possible, please provide the legal description.
  • If possible, please provide the GPS location.

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We love to hear about your wildlife sightings! Feel free to share any additional information or attach photographs!

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