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Shutter Slam Challenge

ODWC Shutter Slam - Four Photo Challenges

With its amazingly diverse wildlife community, sweeping landscapes, and abundant recreational opportunities, Outdoor Oklahoma is a photographer’s paradise! To better bring our state’s rich photo ops – and the photographers behind the shot – into focus, the Wildlife Department has created a Shutter Slam challenge.

To complete a slam, submit one photo in each of the selected slam’s categories. Then provide a brief statement for the selected slam’s Artist Focus.

ODWC Shutter Slam General Rules:

  • Must submit original photos in a digital format.
  • Amateur and professional work accepted.
  • Photos do not have to be taken in the current ODWC Shutter Slam year and can come from the photographer’s lifetime portfolio.
  • Photos do not have to be taken in Oklahoma, but must accurately represent Oklahoma’s native species and habitats. 

All entrants will receive an all-weather sticker for the respective ODWC Shutter Slam. One submission from each of the slam categories will later be featured in the Wild Side, an e-newsletter for nature enthusiasts, and entries may also be used in “Outdoor Oklahoma,” the Wildlife Department’s bimonthly magazine and television show, at, and the Wildlife Department’s social media channels. Featured artists will be further interviewed to develop their Artist Focus for the story.

Check out the categories below. Submissions for 2022 will be accepted through Aug 7, 2022.

Submit Shutter Slam

Shutter Slam Feeling Birdy


This slam is all about Oklahoma’s incredible native bird community. Complete the slam by submitting photos of at least one Neotropical songbird (a bird that nests in Oklahoma but does not winter in our state; like barn swallows, or scissor-tailed flycatchers), one Oklahoma resident bird, one wetland obligate bird, and at least one bird nerd in action. This slam has an optional bonus shot:  a photo of a bird that only migrates through Oklahoma.

Shutter Slam Herptile


This slam features Oklahoma’s native amphibians and reptiles. Complete the slam by submitting photos of at least one snake, one turtle, one frog, and one lizard. This slam has an optional bonus shot:  a photo of a juvenile Oklahoma native herptile. (If animal is handled to get the shot, a valid hunting or fishing license is required, unless exempt. Species with a closed season may not be handled to get the shot.) 

Shutter Slam Outdoor Explorer


This slam features naturalists enjoying Outdoor Oklahoma. Complete the slam by submitting photos of at least one naturalist actively watching wildlife, building habitat for wildlife (examples:  bird house, toad hole, native pollinator garden, brush pile, etc.), exploring a Wildlife Management Area, and a photo that helps reflect the diversity of Oklahoma’s naturalist community. This slam has an optional bonus shot:  a photo of at least one naturalist sharing Outdoor Oklahoma with someone new to the outdoors.

Shutter Slam Budding Naturalist


This slam is for photographers 16 and under! Complete the slam by submitting three photos of native Oklahoma animals and two photos of native landscapes or plants. This slam has an optional bonus shot:  a person (or people) in nature.