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Beaty-Mulhausen Pond

Battey-Mullhousen Pond, photo by Keith Thomas


Fees & Facilities:
Game Warden (County):
(405) 203-3178(Oklahoma)
(405) 203-3176(Oklahoma)
(405) 343-5489(Oklahoma)/(405) 343-5489(Canadian)

The pond features a fish feeder and a trail around the pond. There are spider blocks (fish attractors) through the pond.  Aeration system for weed control and fish health.

320 E Main St Jones, OK 73049


Lake Details

Shoreline Length: 0.50 mi.
Max. Depth: 8.00 ft.
Surface Area: 3.20 ac.


Oklahoma County

The park has a playground, restrooms, pavilions, and a walking trail.

Dredge out in 2012.

The pond is stocked with Hybrid Sunfish and Channel Catfish.