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Southern Hills

Southern Hills North (El Reno)


Fees & Facilities:
Game Warden (County):
(405) 343-5489(Oklahoma)/(405) 343-5489(Canadian)
(405) 850-2127(Canadian)

There are spider blocks for fish habitat in both ponds, and there is a fish feeder on the north pond. There are two ponds on site. The north pond is 2 acres, with .25 miles of shoreline. The south pond is .75 acres, with .2 miles of shoreline.

2710 Faith Ave El Reno, OK 73036

Southern Hills North (2710 Faith Ave.) and Southern Hills South (2810 Faith Ave.)


Lake Details

Shoreline Length: 0.45 mi.
Surface Area: 2.75 ac.


Canadian County

Both ponds are connected by tin horn.  They are treated as a bass, sunfish, and catfish pond.