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Stanley Draper

Stanley Draper, photo by Kelly Adams


Fees & Facilities:
Game Warden (County):
(405) 850-9757(Cleveland)
(405) 203-3178(Oklahoma)
(405) 203-3176(Oklahoma)
(405) 343-5489(Oklahoma)/(405) 343-5489(Canadian)
(405) 323-7863(Cleveland)

Oklahoma City Fishing License is required in addition to a State Fishing License, unless exempt. 

3,000-acre reservoir. Impounded in 1962.  Fills from the Atoka Reservoir pipeline.  Max depth 92 ft.  Average depth 10 ft.  Six fishing piers and 4 boat launching sites.

Lake Stanley Draper (Google Map) is located between SE 149th St. and I-240, and S Douglas Blvd and Westminster Rd.

Lake Details

Shoreline Length: 32.00 mi.
Volume: 87296.00 ac. ft.
Max. Depth: 93.50 ft.
Surface Area: 2519.00 ac.


Cleveland, Oklahoma Counties

City of Oklahoma City manages six fishing piers and four boat launching sites.

Annually stocked with channel catfish and occasionally walleye.

The gentle, sloping terrain allows access at many locations. A number of fishing docks and park-like areas are other fishing spots.

For more information please contact Oklahoma City Lakes at (405) 755-4014.


Allowed methods: up to three rods and reels per person, with no more than three hooks per line (treble hooks are considered one hook). Bowfishing during daylight hours only.

Stanley Draper Report

Jun 16. Elevation is .5 ft. below normal (falling), water temperature 76°F and stained. (USGS Lake Level)

Bass, Largemouth Fair on Alabama rig, plastic baits, spinnerbaits around main lake, points, shorelines.

Crappie, Black, Crappie, White Fair on jigs, minnows around brush structure, docks.

Report submitted by Chad Strang (Game Warden Cleveland County)