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Ten Acre Lake

Ten Acre Lake, photo from


Fees & Facilities:
Game Warden (County):
(405) 203-3178(Oklahoma)
(405) 203-3176(Oklahoma)
(405) 343-5489(Oklahoma)/(405) 343-5489(Canadian)

The pond features a fish feeder. There are spider blocks (fish attractors) spread throughout.

15600 NE 10th st Choctaw, OK 73020

Lake Details

Shoreline Length: 1.00 mi.
Max. Depth: 10.00 ft.
Surface Area: 8.50 ac.


Oklahoma County

NE 10th and Choctaw Rd.

There is a port-a-potty on site.  Park benches on west side of the pond.

The pond was acquired by the City of Choctaw in 1960’s.

The pond is stocked with hybrid Sunfish and Channel Catfish.