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Perry CCC

Perry CCC, photo by Don Brown


Fees & Facilities:

Game Warden (County):

Operated by the City of Perry.

Perry CCC Lake (Google Map) is located 2 miles south of Perry on US 86.

Lake Details

Shoreline Length: 1.00 mi.


Noble County

City of Perry manages a boat ramp, fishing docks, fishing jetties and pavilions.

Rainbow Trout are stocked from November through March.


Allowed methods: only one rod and reel per person during trout season (other times, consult City of Perry for fishing regulations).

Note: For more trout regulations, see Trout Regulations.

Perry CCC Report

Dec 2. Elevation is 2 ft. above normal (stable), water temperature 50°F and stained.

Trout, Rainbow on dough bait, in-line spinnerbaits, jerk baits, plastic baits, PowerBait, small lures, worms around coves, inlet, riprap.

Report submitted by Stephen Paul (Game Warden Noble County)

Ray Atherton
Levi Smith
Tim Brown
Dave R
Sandy R
Nathan Byrd