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Many an hour has been spent beside a pond or along the edge of a plowed field awaiting the swift arrival of this quick and elusive game bird. Traditions have been built on dove hunts past and dreams are made of dove hunts future.

Oklahoma has a large selection of public lands open to dove season.  Check out our list of public lands that provide dove hunting opportunities, and also a list of prepared dove fields on public hunting areas.


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Hunting Tips

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Dove ID

Oklahoma has three species of dove that can be harvested during the season.  Mourning, white-winged, and Eurasian collared-dove maybe included in your bag limit.  Be sure to check out bag limits and rules applying to each of these species before going out in the field.

Mourning Dove
Mourning Dove ID Image
The mourning dove is a streamlined plump bird with a small head. It has a long, pointed tail with a brownish back flecked with black spots and the breast is tan to light rose. The white-edged tail feathers are visible when it spreads its tail. The feet and legs are light red to light purple.

The bird’s preferred habitat varies. Its diet includes a variety of weed seeds, sunflower seeds, and various domestic grains. The dove breeds from late March to September. The dove is found statewide. There is a resident population of doves in Oklahoma but the majority of birds migrate from Canada and the northern states, through Oklahoma, down to Mexico.

White-winged Dove
White-winged Dove ID

Eurasian Collared-Dove
Eurasian Collared-Dove ID

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