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Outdoor Oklahoma, the acclaimed television show highlighting Oklahoma's abundant fishing, hunting, and wildlife-watching experiences, is gearing up for its historic 48th season on the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority (OETA). Additionally, the show's reach has expanded as it now airs on various platforms, including YouTube, and is broadcasted on stations across the state, such as Rogers State University television, and various other city stations throughout the state.

Since Its Start

Outdoor Oklahoma has captivated audiences statewide with its engaging content, becoming a beloved program among outdoor enthusiasts. The show's enduring partnership with OETA has allowed it to inform, educate, and showcase the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation's (ODWC) dedication to preserving the state's wildlife resources.

Outdoor Oklahoma highlights hunting and fishing but also emphasizes the ODWC's commitment to protecting all wildlife resources. Todd Craighead, the show's popular host, works alongside a talented team of ODWC videographers, producers, and Department personnel in creating award-winning episodes. Outdoor Oklahoma stands out from outdoor programming by offering a comprehensive perspective on the state's wildlife and showcasing the diverse programs and activities undertaken by the dedicated men and women of the ODWC.

How To Watch

In addition to airing on OETA, Outdoor Oklahoma has embraced digital platforms to expand its reach and engage with a wider audience. The show can now be enjoyed on YouTube, providing viewers with convenient access to the latest episodes. Furthermore, the program has extended its distribution to include other stations across the state, such as Rogers State University television, which boasts an impressive viewership of 1.2 million.

The expansion of Outdoor Oklahoma's distribution reflects its commitment to delivering high-quality content to a diverse range of viewers. By embracing digital platforms and partnering with other stations, the show aims to connect with nature enthusiasts across Oklahoma, ensuring that its impact and educational value are maximized.

Outdoor Oklahoma's 48th Season

As Outdoor Oklahoma embarks on its 48th season, it continues to uphold its tradition of delivering exceptional programming while addressing the evolving needs of its audience. OETA, YouTube, and other stations, the show remains accessible to viewers across the state, ensuring that the beauty of Oklahoma's wildlife and the ODWC's conservation efforts reach a broad and diverse audience. We encourage everyone to tune in and watch Outdoor Oklahoma and pass on the tradition of the outdoors to their friends and family.

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