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Oklahoma Birds

American Avocet at Hackberry Flat WMA. Photo by Jeremiah Zurenda
Photo by: Jeremiah Zurenda
A black bird with a large bill crouches on a limb.
Photo by: Peter Nelson/CC BY-NC 2.0
American goldfinch; Bill Horn
Photo by: Bill Horn
American Kestrel.  Photo by Jon Wilson/RPS 2019
Photo by: Jon Wilson/RPS 2019
American robin; Andy Morffew/Flickr
Photo by: Andy Morffew/CC BY 2.0
American tree sparrow/Fyn Kynd Photography/Flickr
Photo by: Fyn Kynd CC BY 2.0
American White Pelican.  Photo by Stephen Ofsthun
Photo by: Stephen Ofsthun
Bald Eagle perched on a tree.  Photo by Amber Nichols/RPS 2019
Photo by: Amber Nichols/RPS 2019
Barn Owl.  Photo by Sherman Barr/RPS 2019
Photo by: Sherman Barr/RPS 2019
Belted Kingfisher.  Photo by Joe Stewart/RPS 2019
Photo by: Joe Stewart/RPS 2019
Bewick's wren; Alan Schmierer/Flick
Photo by: Alan Schmierer/CC0 1.0
Black-capped vireo; Greg Morris
Photo by: Greg Morris