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Oklahoma Invasive Species

photo of an Alligator Weed infestation
Photo by: Graves Lovell, Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources,
photo of invasive Brittle Naiad infestation at Robert S Kerr
Photo by:
photo of invasive fish species Bighead Carp (HYPOPHTHALMICHTHYS NOBILIS)
Photo by: Ryan Hagerty (USFWS)
Photo of an adult Grass Carp
Photo by: USGS , US Geological Survey
photo of two adult silver carp
Photo by: USGS , US Geological Survey
Photo of Didymo Algea AKA Rock Snot
ODWC Photo
photo of a patch of Eurasian Watermilfoil
Photo by: Robert L. Johnson, Cornell University,
A microscopic view of Golden Algae
ODWC Photo
photo of a hydrilla infestation
Photo by: Chris Evans, University of Illinois,
Photo of invasive aquatic plant species Parrot's Feather
Photo by: Forest & Kim Starr
illustration of a White Perch (Morone Americana)
Photo by: Duane Raver, US Fish and Wildlife Service
Close up of purple loosestrife
Photo by: Barry Rice