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Oklahoma Field Guide

Discover the diverse species of Oklahoma.


Brown Tarantula.  Photo by Stephen Ofsthun
Photo by: Stephen Ofsthun
A brown songbird with a long curved bill and streaks on its white breast perches on a cut limb.
Photo by: Kenneth Cole Schneider/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
Brown-headed cowbird; Rodney Campbell/Flickr
Photo by: Rodney Campbell/Flickr
Burrowing Owl.  Photo by Dave McGowen/RPS 2017
Photo by: Dave McGowen/RPS 2017
Cajun Chorus Frog
Photo by: USFS
Canvasback Drake Duck.  Photo by Bill Horn
Photo by: Bill Horn
Cardinal Shiners.  Photo by Brandon Brown
ODWC Photo
Carolina chickadee; Bill Crow
Photo by: Bill Crow
Carolina wren; Isaac Sanchez/Flickr
Photo by: Isaac Sanchez/Flickr
photo of invasive fish species Bighead Carp (HYPOPHTHALMICHTHYS NOBILIS)
Photo by: Ryan Hagerty (USFWS)
Photo of an adult Grass Carp
Photo by: USGS , US Geological Survey
photo of two adult silver carp
Photo by: USGS , US Geological Survey

Want the 58 amphibian and 94 reptile species and subspecies that can be found within the state's boundaries in book format?  Head to the Outdoor Store to purchase "A Field Guide to Oklahoma's Amphibians and Reptiles".  Each account shares detailed photos of the animal along with a physical description, information about the food and habitat preferences, and notes on the life cycle and habits of the species. Revenue supports the Wildlife Department's Wildlife Diversity Fund.
For information on taking or attempting to take reptiles and amphibians or possessing reptiles or amphibians consult the current regulations.