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Non-Ambulatory Hunting Areas

Listed below are Wildlife Management Areas with special areas designated as "non-ambulatory areas". These areas are open to use of a motor vehicle by holders of the non-ambulatory permit. Other hunters may walk-in. The use of a motor vehicle for hunting on these areas is intended only as a means of facilitating access. During the actual taking of any wildlife, the vehicle being used by the permittee must be stopped and the engine must be turned off. 

A 5-year non-ambulatory permit to hunt or take wildlife with the aid of a motor-driven vehicle on Department-managed lands may be issued to residents who are unable to walk due to a single or double leg amputation, paralysis of lower extremity(ies) and/or disease or injury and are confined to the use of a wheelchair as their primary source of mobility. (link to license application).


Yourman 2435.14 acres
Texoma Washita Arm 229.17 acres
Pushmataha 465.74 acres
Love Valley 76.88 acres
James Collins 1785.90 acres
Hugo 60.43 acres
Fobb Bottom 695.51 acres
Eufaula 1672.06 acres
Lexington 1274.61 acres
Hickory Creek 118.24 acres


Oologah 6910.45 acres
Okmulgee 163.27 acres
Hulah 1086.86 acres
Heyburn 133.07 acres
Fort Gibson 2281.80 acres
Deep Fork 251.52 acres
Copan 401.63 acres
Cherokee 1403.88 acres
Spavinaw 2813.83 acres
Skiatook 6888.49 acres
Osage 422.76 acres
Keystone 3964.41 acres
Kaw 2159.62 acres
Cookson 50.20 acres


Washita County 237.92 acres
Waurika 1782.89 acres
Hackberry Flat 7074.51 acres
Fort Cobb 584.67 acres
Cross Timbers 206.18 acres
Altus-Lugert 3147.71 acres
Sandy Sanders 29503.18 acres
Mountain Park 7257.33 acres


Fort Supply 309.57 acres
Packsaddle 615.29 acres
Ellis County 236.18 acres
Drummond Flats 457.13 acres
Cooper 528.20 acres
Cimarron Hills 160.52 acres
Cimarron Bluff 710.76 acres
Canton 1077.80 acres
Beaver River 2351.64 acres