Regulation Changes

The following are brief descriptions of regulation changes. This summary of regulation changes is intended to be used as a reference only. You are required to be familiar with all the changes to regulations that apply to each of these items.

A number of changes are in place for 2021 on individual Wildlife Management Areas. Black Kettle WMA, Blue River WMA, Broken Bow WMA, Canton WMA, Canton WRP, Cimarron Bluff WMA, Cimarron Hills WMA, Ellis County WMA, Fort Cobb WMA, Fort Gibson WMA, Gist WMA, Hackberry Flat WMA, Heyburn WMA, Kaw WMA, Keystone WMA, Lexington WMA, Pushmataha WMA, Sand Hills WMA, Sandy Sanders WMA, Skiatook WMA, Tishimingo WMA/Coop Unit, and Waurika WMA. See Public Hunt Lands: Special Area Regulations.

Sandhills WMA:

Turkey Regulations:

  • The spring turkey season dates are now April 16 to May 16 statewide, including the southeast turkey hunting zone.
  • The youth spring turkey season dates are April 9-10, 2022 statewide, including the southeast turkey hunting zone. 
  • Reduce the statewide bag limit to one tom turkey for the spring turkey season(s).
  • Change the fall bag limit to tom only, regardless of method of take.
  • In those counties open to a fall turkey gun season, limit the method of take to shotguns only if turkey hunting with a gun.  Archery season is still open statewide.

Fires on Wildlife Management Areas: 

  • Fires shall be confined to those areas designated for camping and shall be contained in fireplaces, fire rings, grills, or other facilities designated for this purpose. Fires shall not be left unattended and must be completely extinguished prior to departure. The burning of materials that produce toxic fumes, including but not limited to, tires and treated wood products is prohibited. See Department-Managed Area Rules.

Safety Zones: 

  • Any areas displaying signs with the words, “Safety Zone” have restricted access and use as designated by signs posted. The act of hunting within the boundaries of any area so marked is prohibited. Retrieval of hunting dogs or downed wildlife is allowed, without any means of take. See Department-Managed Area Rules.


  • Except as otherwise provided, use of All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV), Off-Highway vehicles (OHV), Off-Road Vehicles (ORV), Utility Vehicles (UTV), and off-road motorcycles, is prohibited on all roads on lands owned or managed by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife except those roads maintained by county commissioners. See Department-Managed Area Rules.

Hunter Orange: 

  • Dove has been added to the list of species hunted exempt from wearing hunter orange. See Big Game Regulations.

Feral Hogs: 

Unfilled Deer License: 

  • An unfilled antlerless youth deer gun license shall be valid during the holiday antlerless deer gun season in designated zones. See Deer Regulations.